Customer Services

Field Employee Evaluation

  • Before a SMITH Field Employee is assigned, the employee must pass our extensive interview and evaluations process.

Expert Screening

  • Applications and resumes of all candidates are reviewed to determine job stability, education level, and work experience that may affect the individual’s ability to perform successfully. Candidates whose qualifications match SMITH’s requirements are scheduled for personal interviews.

In-Depth Personal Interviews

  • Through one-on-one interviews, SMITH strives to understand the full scope of the candidate’s employment experience, work ethic and career goals. When a candidate meets SMITH’s hiring criteria, they proceed through SMITH’s Customized Skills Testing and Comprehensive Background and Work History evaluations.

Work Authorization Verification

  • All SMITH Field Employees must complete an I-9 Work Authorization Verification form as a condition of employment. All I-9 information is verified by a SMITH team member prior to considering a candidate for an assignment.

Criminal Background Checks

  • Internet access to criminal history databases enables SMITH to verify the applicant’s background prior to considering them as a candidate for any assignment.

Skills Testing

  • Each candidate at this stage of the interview process goes through extensive skills testing. Basic math, filing, comprehension, typing (speed and accuracy) and computer skills are all thoroughly evaluated using QWIZ Skills Testing System, a computerized office skills appraisal system.

Drug Screening

  • SMITH is committed to assisting you in maintaining a drug-free workplace. All SMITH field employees are given a copy of our Corporate Policy on A Drug-Free Workplace. SMITH also offers a comprehensive drug-testing program that can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Assignment Orientation

  • SMITH Field Employees arrive at your workplace with a solid understanding of the job requirements, work environment and are ready to perform their work safely and in accordance with your company standards.

Response Time

  • We are ready when you need us! SMITH Personnel Coordinators are ready to provide the highest quality field employees at a moment’s notice.

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